One aspect of real estate that you don’t hear a lot of people talking about is the challenge of downsizing, but it’s a niche that I get a lot of enjoyment working in. Think about it. Everyone’s needs change over time, and it’s easy to assume in real estate that people are always looking for more, but at some point, you start to realize that you simply want less.


Maybe you’ve decided that it’s your time and that you no longer need the upkeep, maintenance and costs associated with a larger house. Could be that you are looking to live in a milder climate where there are more like minded people. Whatever your reason, downsizing is a big life event. The key to a successful downsize is careful planning. The house purchase is just one element of this life changing event. From my experience, the most important element to a successful downsize is being excited and happy about the property you are moving into. It makes the process of moving from the family home much easier.

I have assisted many clients with their successful downsize and have the skills required to assist you as well.

I’m also proud to say that I am an Accredited Senior Agent. What does that mean exactly? It means that I’ve been through specialist training to understand the unique challenges that are specific to those seniors making a move later in life. With certification this, I have a seal of approval from the body that businesses look to for quality service.



Whatever your reasons for downsizing, the idea of moving from a larger place to smaller one takes some getting used to. Even when you’re firm about the commitment, it’s hard not to feel like less is less. The thing to remember is that downsizing your home is actually empowering.

The right size property will give you the freedom to do what you enjoy doing.


Things aren’t MEMORIES

Of course, the hardest part of downsizing your home is making the decisions about what will fit in your new place and what you’ll have to get rid of. The trick is to take your time to sort through your ‘stuff’ and to be comfortable with the decisions you make. Maybe it’s time to pass some of your cherished belongings to family members. Maybe some of the furniture you think you love is actually ready for retirement? The bottom line is that you will have some tough decisions to make so give yourself some time to go through everything.

Start the process as early as possible so you do not feel rushed.



Again, it’s always easier to see what you’re leaving than to imagine where you’re going, but when you’re downsizing your home it pays to remember that there are reasons why you made the decision in the first place. The trick now is to make sure that your new home addresses those reasons. Maybe you’ve always longed to live by the sea…or to live in a cozy cabin in the woods surrounded by nature.

These housing styles exist on Salt Spring Island and you could actually live the dream.



Living in the house you’re moving from, you probably have a good sense of the neighbourhood. You know your neighbours, you have your routines, and you don’t experience a lot of surprises. The same thing will become part of the way you live in your new home. Of course, it takes some time to meet new people and figure out what you think of them, but wherever you go there will be a sense of community.