Bryant Hill and Peter Arnell Connector Trail – Salt Spring Property

I moved from Toronto to Salt Spring Island and one of the many things I love about our new house is the close proximity to amazing hiking trails. Up here on Sarah Way, in addition to the spectacular views is access to two fantastic trail systems.


Bryant Hil and Peter Arnell Connector Trail

The Bryant Hill 2.2K trail is a great place to hike and experience spectacular scenery. Parts of the loop can be a bit challenging so you need some proper foot wear,  but it’s well worth the effort. You can access the equally beautiful Peter Arnell Trail as well.  Just two of the many hiking trails on Salt Spring Island.

Coming from Toronto, it’s such a treat to be living surrounded by such incredible natural beauty.

Access to hiking trails is just one of the many benefits of moving to and living on Salt Spring Island.  If you are considering a move to the Island contact me I can help. 

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